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It’s always good to know how things look like before tryin’ ,  an overview to different parts cannabis plant.


Trichomes are tiny glandular appendages that grow on the surface of cannabis flowers and produce the majority of the plant's cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Trichomes can be found all over the plant, but they are most noticeable on the flower and leaves.


With its cannabinoid and terpene rich resin, the trichomes are what make the flowers sparkle. Trichomes on the leaves, stems, and throughout the plant secrete resin. Trichomes are technically intended to be used as a predator defense mechanism, giving the cannabis plant an evolutionary advantage.


The Sugar Leaf

Sugar leaves are tiny leaves that sprout from your buds. These leaves also have trichomes, which can be used as a trim run when extracting the resin from the plant.



The brightly colored pistils can be seen emerging from the Calyxes. Pistils are small hairs that collect pollen from males. They play an important role in reproduction, but have little influence on taste and potency.


Fan Leaf

Fan leaf is used to protect against light and bud rub when drying, and it also improves the color of some of our strains.



The connection point on the plant's stem where the leaves grow.



The stem is responsible for transporting nutrients throughout the plant as well as providing the skeleton and structure for all plant growth.

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